Bodyfit: Our Story

The owners of Bodyfit (from left) Teik, Nat and Lish

Where it all began...

In July 2012, Lish and Chanteik started BodyFit Boot Camp Central Coast as a way of getting their friends and family to start exercising and eating right. Their first program started with just 20 girls and was a huge success. This lead to another program offering more class options, including 930am sessions for mums and bubs. As each round went on, the girls added more and more classes and hired other trainers to help out. As Nutrition is the biggest factor that comes into losing Bodyfat, the girls started nutrition workshops as a way to educate their clients so they get life time lasting results.

In 2013, Nat Howden joined the team as a trainer which helped BodyFit expand their timetable to offer early morning sessions. After losing 50kg herself, Nat completed her fitness qualifications and started her own business called NatFit. With such a passion for women’s fitness and strong work ethics Nat, Lish and Chanteik combined BodyFit and NatFit training sessions, In 2015,  to create an even better business covering all aspects of womens fitness. With more training sessions, more trainers, more equipment, more knowledge and a bigger and a more in depth nutrition workshop 2015 has been the best year to be a part of the BodyFit community.


Now located at THREE great locations on the Central Coast - Bateau Bay, Gosford and Woy Woy, the girls and their dedicated team have helped countless women, from teenagers to women in their 60’s & 70’s achieve their goals. BodyFit Boot Camp Central Coast is for women of ALL ages and ALL fitness levels. It is a judgement free community of ladies supporting each other through friendships and encouragement.

This program is the full package! Before you start Bodyfit’s 10 week program, you will be booked in for a consultation where your will have your initial measurements done, set your goals, have a nutrition talk with your trainer to ensure you are on track with your eating.  Not only will you get to attend fun and motivating training sessions but you’ll also be supported every step of the way with your nutrition, mindset and achieving your goals. You will have access to BodyFit’s Facebook group where you can find LOADS of training information, recipes, inspiration and motivation. The Facebook group has been a HUGE support tool for all of the girls. The trainers are always on hand to ask advice or to get extra support from.

When BodyFit initially started, the girls created a basic clean eating guideline to follow so everyone had a better understanding about good nutrition and how they should be nourishing theirs bodies. As the years have gone on, these guidelines have been better improved with more information added about how your metabolism works, the importance of a well rounded exercise routine, injury prevention, anxiety & depression, Protein fats & carbs, portion sizes, recipes and MORE! The guidelines are accessible in the Facebook group or you can purchase a book for $10. Bodyfit Boot Camp Members have made life time changes following these guidelines to lose Bodyfat and tone up.