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Thank you for your interest in our program! 


 About BodyFit Boot Camp

In July 2012, Lish and Chanteik started BodyFit Boot Camp as a way of getting their friends and family to start exercising and eating right. And it worked!!  In 2013, Nat Howden joined the team as a trainer which helped BodyFit expand their Woy Woy/Umina timetable.

 After losing 50kg herself, Nat created her business NatFit. With such a passion for women’s fitness and strong work ethics Nat, Lish and Chanteik combined NatFit and Bodyfit to bring an even better service. 2014 saw the introduction of start of round Nutrition Workshops to ensure our clients started the program with the right mindset and armed with the information they needed to change their eating habits.

 In 2014, we also expanded our and and added Bateau Bay which was a success!  We are so proud of what we have built and pride ourselves on the quality of the trainers we hire. 

 With a passion for women’s fitness, strong work ethics and a dedicated team, we have helped countless women from teenagers to women in their 60’s and 70’s achieve their goals. BodyFit Boot Camp is for women of all ages and fitness levels. It is a judgement-free community of ladies supporting each other through friendships and encouragement.  We have a client base of 300+ women who keep coming back round after round.  We are so proud of the community our clients have created. At BodyFit Boot Camp you are never just a number to us with our trainers on hand for advice and extra support whenever you need it.

 Our program is the full package and continually changing.  Not only do you get to attend fun and motivating training sessions but you'll also be supported every step of the way with your nutrition, mindset and achieving your goals.

 Q: What kind of training will we be doing?

 A: You will be doing a large variety of programs to improve your fitness, strength, stamina and body composition. This includes: boxing, kickboxing, BodyBlitz which is a mixture of cardio and weights, challenges, commando workouts, bush walks, cross fit style workouts and much much more! The big variety in training sessions stops you from getting bored of the same workout day in and day out!

 Q: What if I’m not as fit as my peers? 

A: No problem! Our programs are designed to suit every fitness level and can easily be altered to suit your strength and fitness. Our trainers are highly experienced and qualified so they will ensure you are training safely and the best to your ability. We have a large variety of equipment so we will always have suitable training equipment for you. Everyone is to work to their fitness level with a no pressure approach to training.  We train girls of all ages - ranging from 14 to 68! 

 Q: So where do I go from here?

 A: Once you have read through the information letter, please pay your pay your deposit, fill out the Adult Pre-screening form, send it back to us & one of our trainers will give you a call to discuss it further. When you decide what package you would like to sign up for, we will book you in for your consultation. To secure your spot, a $100 deposit can be paid into the BodyFit account prior to your consultation. The consultation will go for approximately 30 minutes. We will discuss your health and fitness, nutrition, set goals and do your pre-boot camp measurements. You’ll be added to our private Facebook group where all the girls communicate, offer each other support and share recipes and other ideas.


The weekend before the round starts, we will hold our fitness tests, followed by the nutrition workshop.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Natalie, Chanteik and Lish xx