After losing most of my weight in 2011 I found myself bored. I couldn’t seem to shift the last lot of weight and I felt like I was constantly exercising for no reason. Then, even though I was still exercising, I started gaining weight due to poor nutrition and lack of motivation.


In 2014 I joined Bodyfit Bootcamp. I was intimidated to start. I’ve always lacked confidence and I struggle to meet new people and try new things, so I was really nervous. I had no expectations or care factor prior to starting. My mindset was already failure, but I forced myself to go. I remember at my consultation looking blankly at the trainer when she told me what my body fat percentage was. I had no idea what that meant. Then she received the same blank look when she asked what my goals were. Finally, I almost fell over when she asked me “As a trainer, what can I do to help you?” I instantly knew this company really cared about their clients’ needs and wants.

I started off at the nutritional workshop and I was so overwhelmed. That was the first moment that my eyes were opened up to how horrible my nutrition was and I felt nervous. I could tell straight off that this wasn’t just an exercise program, but the trainers knew all about nutrition as well and seemed really keen to help.

By week 4 I was in full swing. I was trying new things. My mind had opened up to a whole new world of nutrition. My mind set had changed and I just felt more positive. My fitness improved and for the first time in my life, I was really feeling like I was a part of something. My goals were meaningful and I wanted them.

The first round for me was the first time I started to really feel proud of myself. The weight I lost in round 1 was minimal compared to my previous weight loss, but for the first time, I felt like I was in control. bootcamp gave me the key and the knowledge to know how to maintain it, but with also bootcamp, I also had the support.

I’m constantly learning new things from both the trainers and clients. I’ve never felt inconvenient to ask a question and the trainers are always there to chat. Lish, Nat and Tiek provide a perfect balance as trainers. They all have different lifestyles and reasons on who they are, and it’s very easy to relate to them all in different ways. I can’t express enough how passionate the trainers are to help their clients succeed and how easy they make it to ask for help. The clients are also just as passionate. I learnt very quickly that there is no judgement at bootcamp. We are all there for the same reasons and everyone is welcoming and supportive. I have never witnessed any negativity at all.

I’m now on my 5th round of bootcamp and I won’t be looking back. I have 3 children (all who absolutely love bootcamp and have also learnt how to do perfect burpees and push ups) and life can be insanely busy and most weeks I do struggle to find the time, but Bootcamp provides me with a sense of security that I miss when I don’t go. It keeps me grounded and I really do enjoy it. I’ve overcome many mental barriers since joining and it’s a constant journey. As cliché as it may sound, I’m just glad I have found people I can share the journey with on a day to day basis.