Last Wed Night Session At Bateau For Round 2, 2015!

AS ALWAYS… These chickies trained hard last night. It was my last evening session at Bateau for this round. We did a BodyFit BoxFit session at the PCYC at Bateau Bay. Haylee, our Bateau manager, was there to train but I had fitness tests to do with some of the girls so Haylee started off the session for me.
Once I finished the fit tests, I took over and Haylee gloved up to train with the girls. There was such a good energy in the air and a lot of laughter so it was a good night.

Bec smashed her plank test last night by over 3mins.
Alex re did her beep test cause she wasn’t happy with her Monday night score and she beat that by 7 laps. Carly did a 6min plank on Tuesday night and is determined to get to 10mins!!
A lot of milestones have been hit this week with weigh ins and fitness tests. One of our long term clients hit a massive milestone this round and has lost a total of 30kg in the time she’s been training with us!!

We have a week break next week between rounds. LOADS of consultations booked in and LOADS of new girls signing up next round. We have a super busy week ahead of us and we are really looking forward to Round 3 starting. All the girls we have met so far this week, have seemed very determined and we see them getting great results.

Keen to join up? Round 3 start on the 27th July so there’s only limited time for you to get in and sign up. Click here to go to our sign up page

Stay tuned for more news this week about our nutrition workshop

Stay Fit!
Teik xx