Do you drag your feet around all day, procrastinate over the smallest things which leads to not getting anything done & distract yourself with meaningless tasks? Then this article is for you!!

The Best way to motivate yourself is to organise your life, set goals and make plans to reach them. Goals are what take us forward in life. They are the oxygen to our dreams. Its very important you realize the significance of goal setting and apply this knowledge to your life. By setting goals you give yourself mental boundaries. When you have a target or goal in mind, your mind automatically steers away from distractions and you stay focused towards the goal. Think of it like this. You just received a phone call that your Mum is getting flown to Sydney for an emergency operation and you have 10mins to make it to Gosford hospital before they take her away. You work a 5min walk away from the hospital so if you put all your effort in, you could run there in half the time. Would you get distracted on the way? Would you stop for a coffee? Bet you answered NO?! And this is what a goal gives you… FOCUS! No Matter who you meet on the way, a goal keeps you focused to stay on track and you subconsciously stay away from distractions or anything that slows you down (eg bad food). When you set yourself goals, you make yourself accountable to achieving them. If you don’t complete the task, goals tend to stick in your mind and give you a “dam it… I was supposed to do this” reminder. These reminders help you overcome procrastination and laziness because the reminders are in the back of your head.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Buy yourself a note book. Every Sunday, sit down, write out your goals for the week and make plans to achieve them. Writing out your goals, will keep you accountable to achieving them. By reviewing your goals daily, you stay on track because you are constantly reminding yourself what you want to achieve.

Each goal should be specific, have a time frame and be measurable.
EG: Goal: to lose 10kg Time frame: By December 2015 for your sisters wedding Measurable: Track your weight and girth measurements on a weekly basis so you know you’re making progress

For most of our clients their goals are to lose weight and get fit. The girls who are the most successful in reaching their goals are the ones who stayed focused and made weekly plans.


If you don’t schedule in your workouts, its too easy to skip them and say i’ll do it tomorrow. Every Sunday, when you sit down to write out your goals, plan your training especially if you have a busy lifestyle like working a full time job. The days you know you’re going to be super busy, find a 30min window where you can at least do a H.I.I.T session. Scheduling in your training keeps you accountable and you will more likely be successful with your goals.

Sneak in a lunch break workout. All you need is 30mins to get a good workout in.

Tick off your workout ASAP! Set your alarm early and get up before work to train. If you struggle to get up early, wear your workout clothes to bed and put your alarm on the other side of the room so it forces you to get out of bed.


When we talk about food prep, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend one whole day preparing every single meal for the week. It means being organised and having enough stuff prepped, that when it comes to organising tomorrows meals, you don’t have to spend hours doing it. Go shopping on your day off and buy everything that you will need for the week without having to go back to the shops. Save hours during the week by organising your food on the weekends. Buy your meats in bulk and freeze them into portion sizes so in the morning you can just grab out your portioned protein for dinner. Make a large salad which will last you a few days. Cook up bulk chicken muffins for afternoon snacks. [Food-prep-May-31-2014_jpg]

Being organised for work/school is extremely important. How many times have you gone for an unhealthy option because there was no healthy options available?! Invest in a large lunch cooler bag and ice block. Pack your morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and depending on the hours you do maybe pack your dinner too. If you have spent all this time organising your healthy foods for the next day, you are more than likely going to eat them rather than getting Chinese like you usually would if you forgot to pack lunch.

This again comes down to your weekly planning. Spend 10mins, before you go shopping, planning your work meals. Remember by setting yourself goals (your meal plan is your nutrition goal) you set yourself a mental barrier and automatically steer towards your goal (ie Healthy food)


Having specific goals and being organised is what is going to get you over the finish line. If you don’t have a specific goal in mind, how do you know when you’ve achieved it? And if you’re not organised, its too easy to steer off track and fall behind. If you want to achieve your goals and do it fast than start getting yourself organised today. Set goals, make plans to achieve them and stick to it! If you are focused and have a clear mind nothing can stop you from being successful with your weight loss goals.